Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday was full of Surprises!

Well, the past couple weeks were pretty busy with mom being here, but I hated to see her leave. We drove her to the airport yesterday afternoon. Maggie went along for the ride and whined when she saw my mom walking away. I was a little sad, but when we pulled up the driveway there was a priority package on the porch. It was from my Secret Sister from the Shack. It was really heavy and packed to the brim! Here's some pictures of what was inside.

I felt like I won a paper crafting give away! She made me many beautiful cards, and some gorgeous paper ornaments. I can't wait to see who this crafty lady is.

Yesterday we also attended a rehearsal dinner for a wedding my DH is standing up in this weekend. It was so much fun! They rented out a room at the Bath City Bistro in Mt. Clemens and there was Feather Bowling. I had never tried Feather Bowling - actually I didn't even know what it was! It was really fun! I hope we can do that again. I thought it would be more like bowling, but it was more laid back. They guys sure had fun. I forgot the camera so I can't share any pictures with you.

Well my DH is out for the evening so I am hoping to catch up on some of my crafty stuff. I do have a wedding card to finish up! Check back later or tomorrow and see what I came up with.

So tell me have you ever tried Feather Bowling? What are your plans this weekend? Did anyone try our FFF challenge this week? Please feel free to jump in and post a link to your version of our challenges or post a comment with some ideas for future challenges.

Happy Crafting,

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Anonymous said...

Feather bowling? Never heard of it. Have fun at the wedding, and with your SS stuff. That's exciting to get a huge package of crafty things. Spartymom