Monday, May 5, 2008

"Shackapalooza Blues"

Well Shackapalooza is over :( It was very sad leaving then dropping Nancy off at the airport. As Jen and I drove away we realized we had the "shackapalooza blues". Our fun weekend was over and my to-do list was slowly growing. We had so much fun! The Inn was gorgeous and the staff was very nice. There was another Scrapbooking group in one of the conference rooms. There was also a family reunion, a reflexologists convention, and 2 weddings. The brides were very pretty. The wedding that was right be our room gave us some laughs. The guests kept pushing on our doors and looking in our peephole (it was reversed so we couldn't see out but they could see in). Some drunk lady yelled "What the **** is going on in there?" and we all giggled. Then we asked the desk clerk if we could lock ourselves in since they kept opening our doors. So the Police officers that work in the hotel came over, cleared our hallway and locked us in. They checked on us every now and again too. I learned so many new techniques! I will post some of my projects once I get the camera downloaded.

Well now that the fun is over I thought I would post our challenge for Fun-Filled Friday! So this week we have to make a card using our Cuttlebug! We can use dies or embossing folders, so make sure you stop by Friday to check it out!

So how was your weekend? Did you do anything new or exciting?
Happy Crafting,

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Beth Norman said...

Hurray, you're back. I'm going to e-mail you now. Glad you had fun at Palosa/palooza -- he he.