Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back to work!

Happy Sunday bloggers!

Well I had the MRI on my knee yesterday morning. That was much easier than the one on my head. I still took my Xanax, but this time I didn't want to freak out! Afterwards my hubby and I got breakfast at The Cracker Barrel. I stuffed myself with pecan pancakes - Kevin was eyeballing them so I shared - YUMMY! The hospital I have been going to for all my appointments is about an hour and a half away and we didn't have time to eat before my 7am appointment, so we were hungry. After that I just did a bunch of nothing since I had to work last night.

As you may or may not know I work a 12 hour midnight shift. My schedule fits me pretty well. I was always a night owl and hated mornings - even as a kid. Plus I almost always get to watch the sun rise as I drive home. Last night was my first night back to work in a week! I had taken some time off for my tests. Wow it is rough getting back into the swing of things. It's too bad I couldn't have spent that week off relaxing on a beach with a pina colada in hand. If I close my eyes I can almost feel the warm sun on my face.... Too bad when I open them it's back to the freezing Michigan weather. At least it didn't snow today (not yet anyways). Since last night was my first night back to work I don't have a day off until Wednesday. Guess I will have to shut my eyes and visit my beach again..... hope I don't forget the sun block.... ahhhhh - If that doesn't relax me there's always Maggie kisses to make me smile!

Well I am hoping I feel a little less tired tomorrow morning and I can post some pics of the note cards I made Friday night. Blogs are blocked at work so I have to try to post when I get home in the morning.

So tell me what you did this weekend? Anything fun? Can't wait to hear from you!

Wishing you doggie kisses and sunny beach moments
If you work weekends too don't work too hard!

Friday, March 28, 2008

"It's not a tumor"

You might be laughing because of my Kindergarten Cop reference, (I hope you are). I got some wonderful news yesterday, I DON'T have a brain tumor. I didn't share that with everyone, but the Dr. said that was one of the possibilities with all my problems. She is pretty sure there is a problem with my pituitary gland and I guess a common cause is a tumor on the pituitary gland (which is right between the two parts of your brain). So yesterday I was very relived to find my results from the MRI in the mail stating "no mass found". WHEW!!! It was a bit more emotional than I thought. I was both very happy and very scared as to what the next possibility could be but at least that's one thing to cross of the list of possibilities. There are very few things that sound worse than a tumor right? According to the results my pituitary gland appears to be somewhat enlarged - don't know what that means. I will have to do some more Internet research before my next appointment. I like to be somewhat informed before I go to the Dr. This way I at least understand what they are talking about. Now I have to wait for the results from my test on Monday. And tomorrow I have a knee MRI scheduled. I am very claustrophobic so these MRI's are torcher! Yes they do give me a pretty high dose of Xanax, but for the head MRI they also had to blindfold me :) I know I know with the knee my head will be out - but trust me it doesn't help much. ( and they expect me to get a MRI of my head yearly????)

Due to my emotional state last night (I was a basket case), I didn't get any of the things done I wanted to. I was planning on getting some supply lists done on a few of my cards so I could post them and finishing up a set I had started the day before. Well that is on my to-do list for today. I just had to share my wonderful news with everyone. I am planning on posting something "crafty" later on tonight.

Well since I talked a bit about my fear of confined spaces tell me what are you afraid of? Do you have any medical issues that you would care to share? Sometimes hearing what others have gone through really helps - I have been spending alot of time on the crazy sexy cancer forum and blog. They are a very supportive group and really make me want to be more health conscious when it come to foods and things. I wish I could get on the green juice kick. Hope to hear from you!

Big hugs
(and a Maggie pic to make you smile)


Thursday, March 27, 2008


I hope everyone on blog land is having a wonderful Thursday!

So how do you like my header? I love Rachelle Anne Miller's illustrations, and she is kind enough to let me use this one. Check her stuff out here.

Well, I actually felt motivated today so I cleaned up the house and after this I am going to finish up some cards I started last night. I am very happy to be feeling the "crafty bug" again. I posted pictures of my charm bracelet and my secret sister package I got the other day. Yesterday I got a package from my parents. It was a box filled with goodies! Since I was in a cleaning mood I thought I would share with you what my craft room looks like. Here are some pictures of it when it's all tidy (which is rare).

My DH was nice enough to purchase the storage unit on the left for me for my birthday last year and my sister and brother in law got me the unit on the right. Pretty soon I will have a new craft room. We are finishing our basement and I get to design a room just for me and my crafts! Well tomorrow I hope to post some of my cards for you all to see. I just have to find the list of supplies for them so I give proper credit. Enjoy your Thursday!

I love hearing from everyone so I like to leave my posts with a few questions, here's today's: What are your hobbies? Do you have a room or favorite place to work on your hobby? Do you keep it clean and organized (or is it more of an organized mess)?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My parents had to move out of state a couple years ago because my Dad lost his job here in Michigan. They lived in Texas for a year, then they moved to Minnesota. We miss each other terribly. I have always been very very close with my parents. We lived within walking distance when they were still here. It's been a little over 2 years now and it's getting easier. We chat on the phone almost everyday, and mom finally got that email thing down so that helps too. I know it's been rough on my sister too, but I think it's brought us closer together than ever. I have been visiting my parents as often as I can thanks to my DH (dear husband). So as an Easter surprised I booked another flight for April. Of course I didn't tell my mom I just emailed her my itinerary. Oh she was so excited! Little does she know that isn't the BIG surprise. I can't tell you what it is either in case she reads this but she is going to LOVE it! I had my sisters help with this one. I can't wait!

I also got a surprise today! I was sitting here surfing my favorite websites, and the doorbell rang. And there was a package for me from my Secret Sister. I am in a Secret Sister swap on the Shack. I am a member of The Stamp Shack. It's an online group for stampers! If you are a stamper go check it out. The people are wonderful and from all over the world. We have swaps and occasionally meet ups in different states. There is a group of us in Michigan that meet up every month or so. We also are having a big meet up called Shackapalooza in May. But back to my surprise. I got a box full of goodies - a handmade card, a box of handmade cards for all occasions, a handmade box of candy, and some embellishments! What a nice surprise for me!

About my trip to the Dr's yesterday. It sucked! I couldn't eat or drink and they kept poking me with needles to take my blood. YUCK! I was feeling pretty cranky when it was all done. My DH was so sweet though he said if I suffer he suffers so he didn't eat or drink either. Of course the first thing we did when I was done was eat! But at least it's over with and now I should have some answers in a couple weeks. I will keep you all posted.

I would like to hear from you too! When was the last time you were surprised? How about your favorite surprise of all time? Who did you give the biggest surprise to? Or maybe you don't like surprises tell me why.

wishing surprises come your way too!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope the Easter bunny was good to you today!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday! I got a beautiful charm bracelet from my sister, her hubby and my parents. It is gorgeous. The charms are all white gold and some have diamond chips in them. I wanted one since I was a little girl. My mom had gotten when when she turned 21 and I remember playing with it when I was a child and having her tell me the story behind each charm. Hopefully one day my bracelet will be full of memories too. (I will post a pic later after my blog lesson with my sister).

Today I am looking forward to spending time with my hubby and my sister to celebrate Easter. What are your plans? Normally I would have to work Sunday night, but tomorrow I have to go for some tests at the hospital so had to take the night off. I am trying to stay positive that there will be no bad news from the Dr.'s. I have been dealing with some issues for a while, I don't like the Dr's idea of what could be wrong so I won't post about that until I know for sure. They said there should be some answers 2-3 weeks after all my tests so I have my calendar marked and my fingers crossed. Also alot of prayers from loved one's - Thanks!

Well enjoy your day whatever you do! Feel free to eat as much as you want, it's Easter!
fuzzy bunny hugs,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I somehow got addicted to blogs. I don't really know when it happened. I always thought I wasn't interesting enough to have a blog. I mean who wants to read about the every day goings on of an everyday person, but aren't we all interesting in our own way? So I decided to start one and what a better day to start a blog than my birthday?

I hope to fill this blog with all my papercrafting creations. I started as a scrapbooker until a dear friend of mine introduced me to stamping. A new hobby started and scrapbooking was put aside. I am hoping to bring my stamping to my scrapbooks, but that hasn't started yet. Mostly because all my pictures are digital and I haven't gotten prints yet. Can you say procrastinator?

Well since today is my birthday I am off to start celebrating. If I have time I will start posting some pictures. Once I get this blogging thing down I hope to post every day or two. Please bear with me until then. I also want to add some of my FAVORITE blogs for you to go check out. Most of them are papercrafting realated - I'm an addict. I promise I will try not to bore you too much.

Happy birthday to me and my new blog!