Monday, May 19, 2008


My husband and I were the "bunny police" last night. The past couple years we have come home from our DC trip to many of nature's babies in our yard. Last year we had 5 bunnies in our day lilies, and a nest in the front yard under the bushes with duck eggs (see picture). I spoke to the Animal Control Officer and she said ducks can't be moved - that kind of made me happy, I was looking forward so little ducklings, but the duck eggs disappeared before they hatched so I am guessing some predator got them. I tried to keep my eye on them, but guess I didn't do a very good job. Now the bunnies were another story. She told me that once they start hopping around on their own, the momma bunny doesn't come back to feed them because they can fend for themselves. So once they were hopping all over our patio we got a big box and picked them up one by one and relocated them to a park a couple miles away. We were afraid if we didn't Maggie might get a hold of them. And boy did she have fun watching us pick them up.

So this year when we returned from DC we were greeted by many baby birds and another nest of bunnies. My Maggie enjoyed sitting by the window staring at the baby birds sitting on the brick ledge. My mom got a kick out of it. The bunnies on the other hand she wanted to get. We had to stop letting her out in the back yard because she would run right to their burrow. Last night I went to check on the little bunnies and they were gone! So I looked around a bit and found all 5 of them eating my day lilies. I grabbed my husband and a box and we went to get them. The first 3 were very easy to catch. One of them I chases through 3 of the neighbors yards but finally got it. And the 5th one we got after bringing Maggie out on her leash. She didn't harm it she just scared it out of the bushes so I could grab it. Then we went to the park and let them go in a wooded area with alot of coverage. I didn't want any of the hawks getting them. I hope they are ok! The wooded area backed up to a farm so at least they will have a variety of veggies to eat :)
Thanks for listening to my bunny saga. It has become a bit of a joke around our house. We always wonder what creatures are going to make our yard home. You would think with a big German Shepherd they would pick another place to make a home. It sure is fun to see all the baby animals though. (I'm getting the urge to pull out my Happy Hopper stamps)

Have a wonderful Monday!

Happy Crafting,


Beth Norman said...

Ohhh those bunnies are so adorable! TFS.

Anonymous said...

Those bunnies are so cute. I've never seen big eggs like that. spartymom

Jennifer E. said...

Look at all those Happy Hoppers! And, my, what big eggs I see! LOL! Kimmy you've got quite the nursery in your yard. TFS, I enjoyed reading this post.