Saturday, May 31, 2008


Staring a new diet can be scary. I know you need to make “lifestyle changes” instead of “dieting” but either way it can be scary. I know what “bad” things I eat, and I know what I should do, but actually going through with it is another story. Maybe it’s just the fear that I will fail, but I get a little anxious. Despite these anxieties, I have hit the point where I must do something. I struggled with some health issues in the beginning of the year and we are still figuring out some things in that department, but I am ready to make a few changes. I am trying one of these programs that tells you what to eat and when. My biggest downfall has always been choosing what to eat. So with this program I don’t have to make those “choices”. I also started going to the gym – thanks to my DH. He has got me swimming a bit since it’s easy on the joints. I ran a little too – I am not a runner AT ALL. Thanks to his encouragement, I think I may actually be able to jog a bit.

I have had a lot of problems sleeping for quite some time now, so I constantly feel tired and run down. After talking to a few people who have tried this program they said after just a few days they started feeling the changes. They slept better, woke up with energy and feeling refreshed and to top it all off lost weight and inches. I am looking forward to all of it, but mostly waking up feeling refreshed. I always have to hit that snooze button a few times then drag myself out of bed and into the shower. I think I will start a reward program for myself too. When I do well I’ll pamper myself a bit with a pedicure/manicure, or massage – of course all non-food related.

Have you made any diet or lifestyle changes that you stuck with? Do you have any suggestions for others? Do you reward yourself when you do well? If so with what?

Health and happiness,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Good Luck on the new way of eating or not eating. Ha Ha, I know you will do great!! For a reward I think you should go on a vacation and visit your Mom and Dad! Sounds like a winner to me!