Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am so excited this past Thurs my DH surprised me with an iPod Touch. The whole thing started a few months ago when I decided I wanted an mp3 player or something for music when I work out. Then I got to talking with one of my girlfriends (who is a marathoner) about how Nike and iPod have these shoes that will calculate your speed and distance and download it to your iPod. So I started looking at iPods. I don't think I will get the Nike's though. Then my DH started looking and decided the touch has wifi and a bunch of other stuff so if I'm gonna do it might as well do it right. He is a bit of a tech geek so he really researched it. I almost got the iPhone, but the extra $30 a month right now on our phone bill would be tight.

Anyways I was so excited with it I haven't been able to put it down. Since we have wireless Internet at home I have been constantly on the Internet on my iPod. I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning playing away.

Any other iPod users out there? Got any favorite aps you would like to share with me? How about any tips? I got a power inverter so I didn't have to use just my computer to re-charge it - anything else I'll "have to have"? I love that it has Facebook! (I'm hooked on that too)

Happy iPodding


Anonymous said...

What a fun fun toy! I have a ZUNE! No Ipod for me!

Anonymous said...

oh too fun to get a new tech toy! Can't believe you were up so late playing with it. Have fun. Spartymom-Kim

Jenny Gropp said...

I love my ipod. But my blackberry.... totally addicted to that thing. ADDICTED. they are gonna have to pry it out from my hands!
Have fun with your new gadget-- it's amzing what such a small little thing can do these days!!

forgetfulone said...

Congrats! I'm not so fortunate to have anything like that.

ChrissyM said...

Congrats on your new toy. What fun. I have an Ipod Nano and I love my Ipod. Have fun playing!