Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anniversary Card

This week Jen is challenging me to make an Anniversary card. Actually perfect timing for me my parents Anniversary is March 3rd! This should be fun I don't think I have made an anniversary card yet. I wonder if i have a stamp for that?
Well today I am heading back to Michigan. Send me safe flight vibes:) I hate flying! I started reading Twilight so at least that is something to make the time go by faster. I am not much of a reader, but I am getting kinda sucked into this book. I like when you want to keep going and see where the story takes you.
I hope all my friends in Blogland had a wonderful weekend. When I get home this afternoon I'll have to take a nap and get ready for a long night of work. I'm already thinking of when my next trip to my parents can be:) I get 4 days off every other week so my wonderful husband encourages me to go as often as our finances allows. Isn't he sweet!
Make suer you check in through out the week. I have some projects for you.
Happy Crafting,

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