Friday, April 4, 2008

My first Blog Challenge!

For quite some time now my crafting goal has been to get published! But for some silly reason I can't seem to get my butt in gear to actually write up directions and submit some of my work. That is until now. My dear friend Jen (who was just published in Just Cards click to see) has challenged me to finally submit some cards for publishing. Since we have been discussing having blog challenges between the two of us I figured I better take this one seriously to get us off to a good start. So I spent the past couple nights gathering some cards I would like to submit and trying to find all the brands of the items used. (*note to self start keeping track of items used on cards in a notebook so it's easy to find) This was a long process. I had to go through a lot of my scraps hoping there was a piece of paper left with the company name on it. Well I now have 7 cards ready to go - directions and all! WOO HOO!! Now I just have to take some nice pictures and email them in. (wish me luck)

With one challenge almost met - is it time for another? I am also making some personal challenges for myself. I am going to give the "green juice" kick a try, hoping that will get me feeling better. I have the ingredients in the fridge, the hard part is going to be getting up early enough before work to juice. Everyone that drinks it daily swears by it. I also am going try not to stress about little things in life (easier said than done). I also am trying to do things that are relaxing and make me happy (this was my DH's idea). Yesterday I went to Borders, got a coffee and browsed around the book store for about an hour. That was followed up by a trip to a few craft stores, then lunch with DH. So it was a pretty relaxing day, of course it was a bit busy and I was ready for bed by 7, but I forced myself to stay up. I am not setting a weight loss goal for myself. I decided until I feel healthy again (and find out what the Dr has to say), I am not going to stress about my weight. I would much rather feel good then be skinny.

Have you been challenged lately? What are some of your personal goals? How have you been doing with these goals and/or challenges?

Health and happiness,


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy, Best of luck with all your goals!!! Miss Maggie looks pretty great on that boat. I hope she will visit this Summer, and bring her parents with her. Love and Kisses, :-)

Beth Norman said...

Good luck with your submissions! I know you'll get published.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I like Beth's' thinking!! I love all your cards! You have that special touch with everything you do!! :-)