Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

As I am sitting here enjoying the beautiful weather on my day off I started thinking about "guilty pleasures". What makes them guilty? I don't feel guilty at all for the things I find pleasure in. But I would have to say my biggest guilty pleasure is Bravo TVs reality shows. I get hooked on them. Project Runway, The Real Housewives (of LA and NY), WorkOut, just to name a few. I try to stay away hoping I will lose interest when I haven't stayed caught up, but then they have a marathon! So I get re-hooked :)

I also have non-tv related guilty pleasures. I love my paper crafting - again I don't feel guilty. I also enjoy sitting on the patio with my coffee just feeling the warm breeze, or checking out all my favorite blogs. Now that I think about it I do get a bit of a guilty feeling - only because I SHOULD be cleaning the house, or finishing up that pile of laundry - but not guilty enough to stop and get back to the to-do list. Especially with the wonderful weather (finally) and the birds chirping. Now I know why dog's love to sit in the grass and smell the breeze. I am sure they are smelling completely different things than I am - ha ha ha. What's your guilty pleasure? Do you actually feel guilty enjoying it?

Well for another guilty pleasure stop by tomorrow to check out the first Fun Filled Friday! I better finish that challenge so you all can take a peek at it! And of course I will have a link to Jen's challenge too.

Happy Thursday

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