Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've been a Blog slacker!

I have been a bad blogger! I know I have been slacking! Sometimes little things in life keep you busy busy busy. I had some training for work this week and switching to a day shift (I'm a midnighter) was pretty tough. Alarm clocks are NOT my friend! ha ha ha. This was my first class with this instructor and I was very impressed with the passion she had for teaching. She also had us pick secret buddies. So at the beginning of the first day everyone was given a card with some one's name in the class. You had to write down at least 3 positive things about that person and at the end of the last day we each had to get up and tell that person what 3 things we noticed about them. I am a people watcher so it was very interesting to see how many people (myself included) don't easily accept compliments.

In case you are wondering what's new I submitted 6 cards to Papercrafts Magazine. I have about 10 more ready to go, but I am deciding which magazine I want to send them to. Also my good friend Jen and I are starting our Fun Filled Friday blog challenges next week. So keep a watch out for our weekly projects. I am giving the first challenge and it's to use some stamps I got on clearance for $1 at Joann's. They are a little out of norm for us so I can't wait to see what we come up with.

More exciting news Shackapalooza is only 2 weeks away for all you Shackies! Can't wait to meet all of my crafty sistahs that are going. I am still deciding what to bring to work on. I keep telling myself if I plan ahead I won't need to bring as much. But I can't decide what to plan for. In case you didn't notice I'm not so good at planning ahead. I am sure I will bring waaaay too much (as usual). At least we are not flying! So crafty sistahs - how do you pack for crops? How about 3 day crops? Do you plan projects ahead of time or just bring as much as possible? Do you pack more supplies than clothes?

After my training class I decided I need to give more praise and compliments to people. When you give of yourself you get way more in return. So I am trying to think of more ways to give. I would love to help out at a senior center, or with rescued animals - guess I should look into that! So tell me - How do you give of yourself? Have you told someone how much you appreciate them lately? How do you handle compliments? And please any packing advise - :)

Thanks for visiting all you beautiful bloggers!
PS check out Inkling of Love , and The voices in my head for a chance at some blog candy!


Beth Norman said...

I used to volunteer, and it is so satisfying. I worked with my church, brownies, sparks, pathfinders, Home & School. You are so sweet to have offered a spot for me to come to Shackapalooza, but I can't at the moment. Sorry I didn't get back. I haven't been on the Shack is about a week--DT work keeps me busy. We need to get together. Don't forget our trip to London.

Lim said...

Thanks for taking part in my blog candy and for your kind comments about my cards. I wish you good luck on the drawing and stop by at my place again some time
Have a nice day. Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, It is harder when you don't receive any compliments, so always be ready to hear how, sweet, fun, kind, great, and wonderfull you are.. because you are and more!!! Good Luck with all you do! :-)