Monday, April 28, 2008

Shackapalooza's almost here!

It's a gloomy Monday morning here in Michigan. How's the weather in your "neck of the woods"? Well, I have been waiting for this weekend to come for months, Friday starts Shackapalooza! I am so excited to meet some of my fellow Shackies and spend a weekend creating with them. Jen and I are going to pick up Nancy from the airport Friday and start our shopping journey to Indiana. I am going to try not to spend too much money :)

I am excited, but I always get a little shy when it comes to meeting new people. We have had a few Shackie meet ups in the area and it was like we had known each other for years, so I am sure Palooza will be the same way. Plus I have already met several of the people going. Have you met any of your "online" friends? How did it go? Were you nervous?

Since we are going to be busy this week preparing and packing, Jen challenged me to use the other stamp from our previous challenge. It's Rome Diva by Hampton Arts. If you have made something with this stamp I would LOVE to see it! Make sure you check in Friday to see what we have come up with. Hopefully I will find some time while away to update the blog - of course that is if I can tear myself away from the crop room!

Wishing you sunny skies and flip-flop weather!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Well it sure doesn't seem like Spring (YET). I have hope. I guess the fact that there is no snow is good!!! Hope you have a great time this weekend! Enjoy all the new people you meet! :-)