Sunday, June 29, 2008

FFF Challenge Announcement

My turn to pick the FFF challenge again. I decided since this Friday is the 4th of July that should be our theme. So anything patriotic will do. I have the perfect stamp for this one! I got it while we were in DC last year and it's time to dust it off.

So what do you do for the 4th? Any big plans? We have a BBQ to go to on the 5th, but I can't share the details with you yet it's kind of a surprise.

Don't forget to stop back Friday to see our Patriotic cards!

Happy Crafting


Chrissy said...

So far we have no plans for the 4th of July except going to see local firework displays but its still early in the week that can always change.

I'm waiting for my Sister In Law to send me pictures of the kids dressed in red, white and blue so I can do a 4th of July layout. She was going to dress each kid in a different color and have the pictures done professinaly.

Adrienne said...

Lets see here, well, for the fourth the boyfriend and I are going to his mommies house to spend the first part of the day. THEN. We are headed to my Dad's house so that the boyfriend can meet the family. OMG it is so nerve racking. Seriously, i am so nervous! Its getting close! Anyway, I am going to link to your blog! :D yay!