Friday, March 28, 2008

"It's not a tumor"

You might be laughing because of my Kindergarten Cop reference, (I hope you are). I got some wonderful news yesterday, I DON'T have a brain tumor. I didn't share that with everyone, but the Dr. said that was one of the possibilities with all my problems. She is pretty sure there is a problem with my pituitary gland and I guess a common cause is a tumor on the pituitary gland (which is right between the two parts of your brain). So yesterday I was very relived to find my results from the MRI in the mail stating "no mass found". WHEW!!! It was a bit more emotional than I thought. I was both very happy and very scared as to what the next possibility could be but at least that's one thing to cross of the list of possibilities. There are very few things that sound worse than a tumor right? According to the results my pituitary gland appears to be somewhat enlarged - don't know what that means. I will have to do some more Internet research before my next appointment. I like to be somewhat informed before I go to the Dr. This way I at least understand what they are talking about. Now I have to wait for the results from my test on Monday. And tomorrow I have a knee MRI scheduled. I am very claustrophobic so these MRI's are torcher! Yes they do give me a pretty high dose of Xanax, but for the head MRI they also had to blindfold me :) I know I know with the knee my head will be out - but trust me it doesn't help much. ( and they expect me to get a MRI of my head yearly????)

Due to my emotional state last night (I was a basket case), I didn't get any of the things done I wanted to. I was planning on getting some supply lists done on a few of my cards so I could post them and finishing up a set I had started the day before. Well that is on my to-do list for today. I just had to share my wonderful news with everyone. I am planning on posting something "crafty" later on tonight.

Well since I talked a bit about my fear of confined spaces tell me what are you afraid of? Do you have any medical issues that you would care to share? Sometimes hearing what others have gone through really helps - I have been spending alot of time on the crazy sexy cancer forum and blog. They are a very supportive group and really make me want to be more health conscious when it come to foods and things. I wish I could get on the green juice kick. Hope to hear from you!

Big hugs
(and a Maggie pic to make you smile)



Tami Bayer said...

So happy for you that you got some good news today. Lots of crazy cancer scares in my recent history. Try to live each moment and stay out of what if land. I hope you get more good news soon. Your dog is beautiful. Thanks for linking up the blogs.

Beth Norman said...

What a roller coaster you have been on. You poor girl. So glad the news was a big relief. Med problems?! Yah, 2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar. I'm good at hiding it, but what's going on at work is making me bitter.