Thursday, March 27, 2008


I hope everyone on blog land is having a wonderful Thursday!

So how do you like my header? I love Rachelle Anne Miller's illustrations, and she is kind enough to let me use this one. Check her stuff out here.

Well, I actually felt motivated today so I cleaned up the house and after this I am going to finish up some cards I started last night. I am very happy to be feeling the "crafty bug" again. I posted pictures of my charm bracelet and my secret sister package I got the other day. Yesterday I got a package from my parents. It was a box filled with goodies! Since I was in a cleaning mood I thought I would share with you what my craft room looks like. Here are some pictures of it when it's all tidy (which is rare).

My DH was nice enough to purchase the storage unit on the left for me for my birthday last year and my sister and brother in law got me the unit on the right. Pretty soon I will have a new craft room. We are finishing our basement and I get to design a room just for me and my crafts! Well tomorrow I hope to post some of my cards for you all to see. I just have to find the list of supplies for them so I give proper credit. Enjoy your Thursday!

I love hearing from everyone so I like to leave my posts with a few questions, here's today's: What are your hobbies? Do you have a room or favorite place to work on your hobby? Do you keep it clean and organized (or is it more of an organized mess)?


laos348 said...

Your header is just adorable - so cute! And I love how organized all your craft items are - it looks great.

Beth Norman said...

My studio is the biggest mess. My daughter doesn't flinch any more; she says I've always been that way, and always will be.

Lucky you with the storage units. I love your blog header. So cute.

I'll be in touch soon--I promise.

qt_girls_big_sis said...

Guess who???
Hope your feeling better. Let me know if the cake helped!!! The blog looks great.

Love yous!!!

Lim said...

I love your room :)