Friday, March 11, 2011

SPAM anyone?

First off I wanted to send prayers to Japan - What a devastation! Also to those in California and Hawaii - alot of my hubby's family is in California so I hope they are all safe and sound.

I took a break from ATCs to share some fun pics from our trip to the SPAM (yes I said SPAM) museum yesterday. I have wanted to go for years and we always seem to run out of time or forget about it. I was curious if Save Ferris would be playing over a speaker through the whole place LOL! (in case you are a fan of Save Ferris and curious their song "SPAM" didn't even get mentioned). I must say it was a blast though. Who would have thought a canned meat could be so entertaining! Even the brochure is funny! It's free (minus souvenirs) and there are alot of interactive things to do and history.

I had the most fun with the "can your own spam" activity. First you got to dress up like a Hormel factory worker, then they had bean bag shaped like spam you had to put into cans, cook in the oven, put the lid on, add the label and get ready for shipping. Yes I am sure this is mostly for kids, but I had to jump in the fun! Had there been a crowd I may have spent less time LOL!

Love the piggy doors! I also couldn't resist a SPAM hat and trying it on. 

Just down the street there was this adorable sign we had to have a picture of it. 

It was a very fun day! If we are friends on Facebook you can see all of my pictures. 

Happy Crafting, 

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Jennifer E. said...

OMG! Too funny! Looks like you girls had a lot of fun!