Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Try something Tuesday!

Today is try something Tuesday! I thought it would be nice to learn something new from all of you. So for Try something Tuesday I want you to challenge me. Teach me a technique or yours or tell me one you would like to see me try. Since I have to work today, I will try it on my days off and post it for everyone to see. If it's something you have already tried please post a link to your creation so I can see how you did it. If it's something new to you too then why don't you try it with me? This should be fun!

For some great ideas check out my friend Beth's blog she has Technique Tuesdays every week. She also has many wonderful tutorials that unfortunately I haven't tried yet.

I'm ready hit me with some ideas!

Happy Crafting,

1 comment:

Beth Norman said...

What a sweetie. Thanks :)