Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today is my blogaversary I can't believe I have had a blog for 3 years! I was going to have a little blog candy give away all ready to go, but I got busy this past weekend and the beginning of the week. So it will be slightly delayed - so stay tuned!

Today is also my birthday so Hubby and I are going to a nice dinner this evening (he won't tell me where yet). Maybe I'll even get some time to spend in my craft room:)

Happy Crafting,


Anonymous said...

WOW the time does fly doesn't it? Happy Blog-a-versary and Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

Jennifer E. said...

Happy Birthday Kimmy! How exciting that Hubby is taking you out and won't tell you where! Can't wait to hear all about it. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Happy 3rd Blogaversary and Happy Birthday, and many many more.

Beth Norman said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been 3 years already.

BBMDisplayPictures said...

Happy birthday wishes