Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No relief .....

Well still no relief with my back problems. I have been seeking alternative treatments. I am in my 3rd week of physical therapy and not feeling better. My legs feel stronger but my back issues aren't getting any better. They just started me in traction and are trying kinesio tape. I decided to try a chiropractor today. He says "absolutely no sitting or stretching" except the one stretch he gave me. I have a feeling recovery is going to take a while because I was feeling a little worse after my first adjustment (I know it's normal). He is positive he can get my bulged discs back in line. I have a follow up appointment with my doctor next week. He said if I wasn't doing better we would probably start injections for the pain (ouch).

I haven't yet figured out a way to stamp while laying but I'm thinking tomorrow I'll try standing and see how that goes. I am behind on my FFF challenges and have some swaps due in a couple months. I do have a few cards I would love to share with you I just have to steal the computer from my hubby:) he sprained his ankle pretty bad so he's been off work too. On what a pair we are - ha ha ha.

Well if you have been making any projects I would love if you would share with me. Maybe a little inspiration would help:) poor Jen seems to have lost her mojo too... Oh where could our mojo's have gone??? I bet they are sitting on the beach drinking piƱa colodas. Ha ha ha.

Hope to bring you some projects very soon!



Jennifer E. said...

Sounds like things are still pretty rough for the 2 of you right now. Keep your chin up, I have faith in you, your back & your Doctors/Chiropractor AND that Kevin too will have a speedy recovery. Perhaps this is all just a test of patience! You will beat it in time. Good luck with stamping & standing tomorrow.

pescbrico said...

Some little tricks that might help... put a pillow between your legs while lying on your side in bed. If you sleep on the back bend your knees and put a pillow under to releive some pressure on your back... Do not sleep on the belly! While standing up, it usually help to put one foot on a little step and then change and put the other foot.

Did they try the TENS for your pain?

Good luck with it all!

Maybe you know all that allready.