Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fun-Filled Friday Challenge Announcement

It's Sunday! This week I am challenging Jen to make a St Patty's Day card. This should be easy for her she has already made a few with those cute DRS images of hers. I just realized I have NO stamps for this occassion! Guess that means I'll be taking a shopping trip before Friday:)

I am actually a little Irish but I have never gone out and celebrated St Patrick's Day. This year will be my first time! Can you believe it? I must admit I am a little nervous because I am going out with my Husband and his friends and they start pretty early in the morning and go all day and night. I have to work Monday night so I hope they let me get a little sleep Tuesday morning. Wish me luck! ha ha ha... Since my birthday is this is next Sunday I have a lot of fun stuff planned this week - I guess Tuesday will be my kick off! What are your plans?

Happy Crafting,

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